For my first post I thought I would write about myself and my passion for ancient Egypt.

I titled this blog, my website and facebook page: An Egyptological Odyssey, simply because that is what my life has been. An odyssey is a long/epic adventurous journey, sometimes accompanied with trails and obstacles (if you relate the definition to many stories that use the term, then struggles are automatically assumed if the word odyssey is mentioned).  My life long goal and all my dreams have revolved around the field of Egyptology. However I have had many setbacks along the way but have not been disheartened even though it can be hard at times I still continue on. My passion for ancient Egypt and longing for a career in Egyptology would never allow me to give up, they are embedded in me and so I continue relentlessly and striving to make a career for myself and thus it is an Egyptological Odyssey for me.

I had been interested in ancient Egypt since I was a child. I had always had a love of animals, especially felines, and had a foundness of reading and was often at the library. So one can only assume I came across ancient Egypt in a book and fell in love. I definitely would have fallen in love at a young age if I came across a book about ancient Egypt and their worship of animals. I am a deeply curious person and would have rooted around the books in the library to research more about this culture that reveered animals and that would have really planted the seed of Egyptology in me at a young age.

There really is no way of knowing what struck my interest since I was very young but I do know that I began more serious study and research of ancient Egypt when I was around 12 years of age, around the time the new movie of The Mummy was released. I wanted to figure out the truths behind all the myths and misconceptions of the movie. And that is when Egyptology fever took over me; my heart, soul and life were completely absorbed with a passion for ancient Egypt

When I turned 13 years old my mother had gifted me a cartouche, I had a very basic knowledge of hieroglyphs at the time and had asked her to call the manufacturer and tell them that they sent me the wrong cartouche. She asked what the cartouche said. The name was Manuel instead of Amelia. She simply told them we recieved the wrong cartouche and sent it back. We recieved a replacement. It was the same one, Manuel. So this time I wrote down my name and drew out my cartouche and she sent it in with the cartouche and soon enough we received my correct cartouche, which I still wear to this day.  

When I was around 15/16 years old, I decided I wanted to meet people of like minds in my area and began holding mini-lectures/meetings at the local library. I would give little talks about a subject I had decided to research. I had called this Pyramid of Egypt: Study Group. I even began a newsletter and mailing list.

At 19 years I had changed the study group to E.A.E.S.S. (Egyptology & Ancient Egypt Studies Society). I continued to hold mini-lectures/talks, changed the newsletters to emailed newsletters and created a website where I would post updates and meetings dates.

In 2011 I was accepted into the online Certificate of Egyptology program offered by the University of Manchester. I was thrilled, however I had to postpone my start of the program because of the fact I had been working as a waitress and could not afford the fees. This has happened again, causing me to postpone two more years. 

Around this time (2010/11) I had found an adorable little plush mummy in a Halloween section of a store. I adopted him as a mascot for my Egyptological Odyssey. I take him to lectures, museums and events and take his photo with objects or people at these places. I had my fellow Egyptological friends on my facebook help me pick a name and we named him, Neferhapi. He now has a facebook page and website that I am working on. He will bring facts to all ages in a fun manner.

In 2013 I went to Cincinnati and attended my first Annual Meeting for ARCE, American Research Center in Egypt. There I met many new people, listened to many stories and lectures and developed a few ideas and theories of my own. I was honored and excited when I was invited to sit at one of the tables full of University of Memphis students at the reception dinner. Memphis had always been the University and city I wanted to go to/live in. Though I, of course, had to embarradd myself. When I went to cut into my grilled chicken I had used too much pressure, not realizing the chicken was so tinder, and a chunk flew from my plate…literally went up in the air, over head and into the aisle. Thankfully there were only a few that noticed and they laughed.

In early 2015 I decided to create a website fully dedicated to All things ancient Egypt and Egyptological. The website would be updated as I did research on different subjects, sort of a database of sorts that is added to as I go along with my studies. The site is called Ancient Egypt-ology.

Late spring 2015 I disbanned E.A.E.S.S. so I could focus fully on my website and studies. And here we are. This blog will serve to record my progress and bring in bits of information and facts that I learn along the way. Don’t be surprised if I slip in a few posts about animals or humanitarian sort of subjects, they are as much a part of this journey as anything, in my eyes. For one of my goals for when I finally make it to Egypt is not to only do archaeological work but also to work with charities/organizations that help animals and children in Egypt such as ACE (Animal Care in Egypt) or Save the Children. But my humanitarian interests and interests in animals and the environment are not limited to Egypt of course.

Thank you for stopping by,


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