Ancestry and History

Though this is not Egyptological I wanted to share.

In January I decided to order the DNA test offered by The test provides ethnic percentage of a person’s background. Some genetic markers are distinctive and very precise and others are similar to one another and thus a geographical area of where these DNA/genetic markers would be found would be provided.

This week I received the results. I knew what some of the ethnic groups would be ahead of time. Such as Native American, I know I have Cherokee bloodlines on one and perhaps both sides of the family and Iroquois from one side. I also knew French, English, Irish and Scottish blood ran through my veins.

I was surprised at some of the results and some of the percentages. I had no idea that French and German made up of 40% of my ethnic background. The next “large” percentage was divided among: English, Irish, Scottish and from the Scandinavian region, Switzerland, The Netherlands. These I have verified via my ancestral research.

The next grouping: Native American (which due to genetic material being so similar among the tribes that this “area” is specified as the North and South American continents, which makes sense), Greek, Italian and the areas that include Finland/Northwest Russia and Spain/Portugal.

Then there are the areas that are “trace amount” these are small amounts of matching material or more diluted bloodlines. Senegal was the only exact location. The less precise areas were: the area known as “East Europe” including from (east to west) Austria to Ukraine and from (north to south) Estonia to Albania, the area called “Caucasus” which includes (east to west) Israel to Uzbekistan, (North to South)Georgia to Kuwait and “Central Asia” which includes parts of Russia then (north to south) Kazakhstan to Pakistan and (east to west) Iran to Kyrgyzstan. IF records will allow me, then while I research my family tree I will be able to pinpoint where my roots lie in these less precise areas, even though the percentage in my blood is small for these areas(less than 10%) I would enjoy knowing the story.

As a lover of history and as an archaeologist, I find this fascinating. One can really see the human migration and history unfold as you look at the ethnic background and where they are located in the timeline.

I have always joked that I am a “mutt” when people ask “what” I am. One because I think it is unimportant since we are all apart of the human race. However if the person is asking out of curiosity, such as I would, because one is interested in history and human progression throughout time then I will reply with “I am a true mutt” and tell them what I knew of my ethnic background. And now that I have these findings I can truly claim I am a mutt. I am honestly a true American. Because America, once colonized and onward, had became a melting pot and my background is one of millions+ stories that is proof to that. So many get so tied up in “what” someone is or they believe in, that they forget we are all different and yet the same. We are have the same origins and though the human race branched out and changed over the thousands and thousands of years we still remain the same…human.

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